Monday, April 15, 2013

TNSTC - Government Online Bus ticket Booking - Limitations and Complaints

I had already written a positive review about tnstc online bus ticket booking a few months ago. Now i wish to share my bad experience that happened due to this online ticket booking.

Actually this is not bad experience for me but a passenger traveled along with me in the same bus.

Before sharing this i tell one thing.Presently online booking is suitable for ultra deluxe buses and think twice and read this once before you book the ticket online for an ordinary bus.

I had written in my previous article that many of the conductors are not aware of the tnstc online bus ticket booking.
But now most of them are aware about this facility.But problem exists still. Ok , now let me share the experience.

It was a nighttime of Sunday at salem bus stand. I had booked already through online in tnstc, for an ordinary bus ticket. The bus was supposed to leave the bus stand at 11.10 am. So i reached bus stand half an hour before at 10.30 pm.
The bus that I had booked belongs to vilupuram corporation. So straightly i went to "Information center" that belongs to vilupuram. A respectful lady officer was sitting there. I shown her the print out of the ticket. She checked with some list that she had with her and noted the bus number in my print out and she said,"the bus will be standing at opposite to this place. Please search it and get it" . I left there saying "thanks madam".

Luckily i found the bus at 10.45 pm that was standing in the place opposite to the information center.
No one was there in the bus except conductor and driver. I waited for the driver to get in. When the driver got in and started the bus , i hurried near the bus and shown my ticket to the conductor. He looked at it and said,"Get in and search for your seat number and get seated".

I had the screenshot of seating arrangement that was shown in online portal. When i searched for my seat number, i was little shocked. Because i had booked a seat in two seater side. But in the bus, they put a different seating orders and now my seat is in three seaters side.But i didn't want to argue , so i had sit in the three seater itself.

Now people started to come one by one. All of their seating arrangements are different. But they didn't care and sit in the place where conductor shown. One couple came . The guy shown his ticket and conductor showed  three seater seats. The guy politely said that , "sir, i booked a two seat. But now you are asking to sit in a three seater." Immediately the conductor got emotioned and shouted, "You cannot sit as you booked in internet. See, what number they put in bus. you can sit under this seat arrangements only".

Still the guy controlled his emotions and had a smile at his face and said, " I needed a two seater. so i selected a two seat." The conductor interrupted and shouted again."If you speak rules like this , then you need to sit in two different rows as the number was placed, Still you need to argue, better go and tell the management people "

The guy said,"we will sit in three seater itself".

This was the instance happened. Now i think it is better to discuss how can we solve this problem.

Tnstc does not allows to show mobile ticket. Print out tickets only allowed as they are saying that conductors need to submit proof for the tickets. So many complaints are raised frequently for tnstc online bus ticket booking .

There are many ways.

1.You can argue every-time with the conductor to change this arrangements similar to the internet    arrangement.   At one day, he will erase the wrong arrangement and reorder it correctly. But this idea will lead to bad travel experience because of arguing.
2.Straightly go to the information center and complaint that seating orders are different. So please correct the orders as shown in internet. But as this is a government program, they wont take any action and leave it carelessly.
3.File a case , that government is cheating or not working properly that leads me to a serious depression. So please take action on the officers responsible to this problem.