Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To Compress or Zip a file using winzip, winrar sofware

Do you need to reduce the size of a file or a set of files and to send it through email or share it in internet or carry it in your pend drive.

There is a solution. There are many software available to compress the files and reduce its size.

Familiar zipping sofwares are winzip,winrar,7zip,ultimatezip.
Now let me explain how to compress a file.
  1. Download any one of the software that I have mentioned above.
  2. Install it in your computer.
  3. Now right click on the file which you need to compress and select send to  compressed folder.
  4. Now a compressed folder with the name you have specified will be created in your computer.
  5. Check the size of the file before and after zipping. Surely there will be notable difference in the file size.
Here I wish to insist some points on compressed files.

The compression of the file is depending on the file type you are compressing. If you are compressing an avi file , the the compression will be more and reduce in file size also more.

But if you try to compress some files like xls and doc , the compression might not be that much effective.

If you want to send an exe file through gmail or yahoo, they wont allow you to send .Because most of the harmful viruses are being spread through exe files.But if you are sure that the exe file is a good one, then you can compress it and send it through gmail and yahoo mail.

One more advantage of zipping is, you can save a lot of data usage and uploading/downloading time when the file is zipped.

If you need a free zipping software, then go for winzip or winrar. I think 7zip is also a freeware. But former is widely used.