Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Edit a pdf file in windows 7 , Windows 8 and windows XP

Before illustrating how to edit a pdf , I just want you to tell you one thing. That is the Adobe pdf reader that we are using is just a pdf viewer and not an editor.

Adobe also have pdf editor , but we need to purchase from them and their pdf editor is not an freeware.

But to edit pdf files , so many software are available and one of the best is Foxit pdf editor.editor. Foxit is free to download and no need to install.You can directly open it and it is an easily portable software application.

So you can easily carry it in your pen drive and edit your pdf files wherever you want.
To download the software and to read a small review about the software you can visit Foxit-Pdf editor-Review

Here I am writing simply the steps to edit an pdf using this Foxit pdf editor.

1.Open Foxit pdf editor.
2.Once the software is open , drag and drop the pdf file which you need to edit.
3.Now you can edit the text using edit options available in the software.
4.You can also delete unwanted pages.
5.If you want to import some pages from another pdf file, you can do it. There are options.

What else.Let get the application in to your computer and start editing your pdf files.