Sunday, March 24, 2013

Get videos from Online websites in PC and Laptop

YouTube has started to provide offline View for some of YouTube videos in to your local drive

Obviously you can save lot of data usage if you follow this kind of practices. But currently the option is not implemented , so we have to grab using other external apps.

The classical way of downloading the videos on internet is to take it from the cache file of the browser folder. But as I told it is classical , let skip this way. Don't worry, an easiest way is there.

The alternate way is to use download managers like Internet download manger(idm) or orbit down-loader to download the videos. In my experience , idm .internet download manager is the best tool to download youtube videos.

Follow the steps to download the videos from youtube. Not only from youtube , any videos playing in internet.

1.Download the latest trial version on idm , directly from their official website.
2.Install the software in your PC or laptop.
   While installing, tick mark the option - Integrate chrome,ie,firefox to idm
3.Once you installed the software , the idm software will notify you that it will integrate with your browsers.
4.Now open any of your browser and play the youtube video.
5.One the video started playing, a popup button "Download video"will be shown in your screen.
6.Now press the button and choose the location of download directory.

Thats it . Now the video will be saved in your PC