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Get PUK code & Reset PIN number :Bell | Vidéotron | Mobilicity Canada

This article will help you to get the PUK code for your locked SIM card and reset your PIN number to make your mobile phone work again. Bell, Videotron, Mobilicity are the leading mobile network providers in Canada. The SIM cards provided by these networks are equipped with a PIN number to ensure security of the customers. If you enter the PIN code wrongly for three times, then the phone will be locked and ask for PUK code. If you enter PUK code wrongly for 10 times, then the SIM will be permanently blocked and you have to buy a new SIM . So, In order to retrieve your PUK code and reset the PIN number , follow the procedure provided below for your network. >Bell By default the PIN number for all Bell SIM cards will be 1234 . But now if it is locked , then you have to reset. In a piece of paper, note down your SIM number printed on the SIM card. If you are calling from another Bell mobile, then call *611 for Bell Mobile Phone ,