Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lenovo K6 Power Smart Guide | IMEI, SN , Hardware/ Software Version, USB debugging, Tethering Tutorial

Product family of Lenovo SmartPhone
Product family of Lenovo SmartPhone can be divided to following categories:
  • S series (fashion),
  • A series(cost effective), 
  • P series(Business)
  • K series(High-performance).

To get SN, IP address, MAC address in Lenovo K6 Power, K6, Note
Get from IMEI/SN label in battery bin. Example shows here:
Lenovo K6 , K6 Power, Note IMEI / SN
Go to Settings -> About phone -> Status -> Serial number

Lenovo K6 Power , K6 Note serial number

Lenovo K6 SN’s format and structure
  • 10 digits S/N format and structure:  1 digit (plant code) + 1 digit (MIDH code: "D") + 8 digits serial number.
  • 18 digits S/N format and structure: XXX (Model code) + XX (HW code) + XXXXX (YMMDD) + XXXXXXXX (serial number).

USSD code to get IMEI for Lenovo K6 Power
  • In your Lenovo smartphone , open phone dialer and type *#06#
  • Once you tap the dial button, you can see two IMEI numbers for each SIM slot.

USSD code TO FIND imei
  • Go to Settings -> About phone -> Status -> IMEI information

Figure 4

To check the software version in Lenovo K6 Series
  • Go to Settings -> About phone -> Version infos

Figure 5

Latest Official Software update for Lenovo K6, K6 Power, K6 Note
  1. Open WLAN and ensure have connected with WiFi internet data.
  2. Go to Settings -> AboutPhone -> system new software version, the phone will push information to inform user to download and install the latest Android OS and optimise the existing apps according to nee OS version.

To know Lenovo K6 Power phone’s HW version
Refer above. 18 digits S/N format and structure: XXX (Model code) + XX (HW code) + XXXXX (YMMDD) + XXXXXXXX (serial number)

To know warranty/guarantee for Lenovo K6 Power?
Please refer to the warranty card in gift box.

To check the phone's model in Lenovo Smartphone 
Please refer to label in battery bin or by inquiring system infos. “setting- About Phone”

To activate USB storage function in Lenovo K6 Power
After connecting Phone to PC, select “USB storage ” or by pulling status bar on screen to open” USB storage” shows here:
Pulling status bar---connected as USB storage—connect to USB storage device.
Figure 8

 To install the locally downloaded apps in Lenovo K6 Power
You need to allow installation of other third party android market apps, and can download the apps from “Apps store” in Mobile.
---“setting---security—unknown sources”.

To uninstall the Apps in Lenovo K6 Power
Method 1: ---“Setting—apps---click app---uninstall”
Method 2: long press app icon on apps list, and then click “delete” sign once more.

 To move app to SD card in Lenovo K6 Power

  • Go to “Setting---Apps---click app---Move to SD card”
  • Preload app and some limited app can’t be moved to SD card.
  • Before moving the app, ensure that SD card is properly mounted in the SD card slot.

To clear the data after using app in Lenovo K6 Power

  • Go to “Setting---Apps---downloaded/SD card---select app---clear data”

To check and close running apps in Lenovo K6 Power
Method1: “setting---apps—running---select app—stop
Figure 9
Method 2: Click right-bottom Icon; slip the pop-window toward left to stop running.
Figure 10

To set the screen rotating function into Landscape in Lenovo K6 Powee
Go to ---“Setting---display---Auto-rotate screen”.

To cancel screen lock in Lenovo K6 Power

  • Go to Setting---security---screen lock---none”.

To change the shortcut function on four-leaf clover in Lenovo Smartphone

  • Long pressing the leaf on Four-leaf clover and select app from apps list.

To open “USB debugging” in Lenovo K6 Power

  • Go to Setting---developer options---USB debugging”.

To clear up the browser history, buffer, cookie and user password?

  • Open Browser---Menu---setting---Privacy security

 To revert to Factory setting in Lenovo Phones 

  • Go to setting---backup and reset".

To format SD card in Lenovo K series

  • Go to Setting---storage---SD card.

Tethering&portable hotspot in Lenovo K6 Power
Share your phone’s 3G internet connection to your computer and other devices. You need open your 3G “Data connection” first.

Connecting via WLAN hotspot
1. Enable portable WLAN hotspot function.
2. Switch on WLAN from your computer or to other wireless devices.
3. Select your phone’s SSID and enter the required password if any in your computer or other wireless devices.
4. You can configure your SSID name and password through you phone’s WLAN configuration.(apps—settings--WLAN).

Connecting via Bluetooth
1. Enable your phone’s “Bluetooth” function.
2. Search and pair your phone’s Bluetooth from the computer.
3. Once paired, connect the computer to your phone.
4. Once connected, you can now browse the internet using your phone’s Bluetooth connection.

Connecting via USB (USB tethering)
1. Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable. Make sure you have switched on the USB debugging mode. (apps—settings—developer options—USB debugging).
2. Switch on personal hot point and choose “connect via USB” and check the “USB tethering” to connect. (For some models, maybe need install driver in computer).
3. Accessing your phone’s SD card from your computer is not allowed once USB tethering is being used.

To work with two SIM cards
1. According to the SIM SLOT and sign to use SIM cards.
2. SIM management: apps---setting---SIM management.

How many RF modules the Lenovo Smart Phone Have,  one or two?
According to the SIM Slot SIGN.

To apply the network settings for Operator
Need use the Operator SIM card, don’t need special network setting.

To do GPS/Premium GPS Navigation setting
--apps---settings---location services---activate the “GPS satellites” and “network location service”. It’s better to search GPS outdoor.

To do Radio Transmission
Need insert the earphone which phone matched, and run radio app. Touch the “right key” to search channel.

Lenovo K6 Power User manual download

OTG function in Lenovo K6 Power
USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated USB OTG, is a specification that allows USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as a host, allowing other USB devices like a USB flash drive, mouse, or keyboard to be attached to them.