Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Activate Warranty Card for Vivo v5s | Warranty card missing in Vivo v5s pack - Solution

Vivo has stopped providing physical warranty card & physical manual guide along with the phone package.
Even though they have mentioned that the pack contains the warranty card, quick start manual guide, the customers don't find any of the both in the pack.

But , don't panic. Because, both warranty and quick start manual will be available as digital.

  • To access the Vivo V5s offline manual , Go to settings → More settings and select Manual.
  • To activate warranty, Go to settings and select E-warranty card option.

Fill the requested details - Customer name, Phone number and Place to activate the warranty. This will act as similar to the physical warranty card.
Apart from this physical warranty card, you have to preserve the sticker that was pasted on the screen which contains imei numbers, bar codes and some other important informations.