Friday, May 12, 2017

Whatsapp tips and tricks : To read the Audio voice message without blue tick appearing to the sender | How to listen to whatsapp voice messages without sender knowing

To read whatsapp voice note without blue tick notification

As many of us may know , even if you disable Read Receipts in whatsapp, the voice messages that you receive will automatically download and once you play it, blue tick will appear for the sender to inform him that you have heard the voice message.

Now, the trick is how to hear the audio message without sending blue ticks (read receipts) to the sender.
  1. Once you recieve the voice message in whatsapp, allow few seconds , it will be automatically downloaded . Do not click Play button.
  2. Now, open your Android file manager. Go to Internal Storage → Whatsapp → Media → Whatsapp voice notes and look for the folder created today.
  3. Inside the folder you can see the voice message with extension .opus
  4. You can open and hear the voice note with MX Player, VLC player etc. But default music player may not support this format.

So,now even after hearing the voice message, the reader doesn't know whether you have listened to it or not. If it is an important message, then you can give a reply or else you can take your own time to reply for that voice note.