Saturday, May 13, 2017

WhatsApp number introduced to complaint the quality of food in Chennai

WhatsApp number to complaint food in chennai

Chennai collector Mr.Anbuselvan has announced a new WhatsApp number to complaint about the quality of food products that are served in Chennai district.

Any people who lives in Chennai can send the complaint to the following whatsapp number , and immediate actions will be taken by the administration.

  • 9444042322
You can also complaint using the landline or mobile phone by contacting 044 - 23813095

If you want to make a complaint through email , then see the complaint to

You can complaint anything related to food product and it's quality.
  • If the fruits are ripened with chemicals
  • If the food product is sold after expiry date
  • Water canes supplied with low quality
  • Adulteration in food
  • Low quality curd or buttermilk 
  • Low quality cool drinks 
All the above complaints can be send to this WhatsApp number.