Sunday, March 26, 2017

Split a face in NX | Split Body in NX

In NX , a surface or body can be split into two using Divide face, Split body option respectively in Modeling application.

Using Divide face option :

   Divide face is one of the familiar surfacing option in NX. Prior to using this option, you have to sketch the boundary on the surface. You can also project the curves on the surface to be divided.

Split face in NX using Divide face option
Divide face option in NX

  1. From the tool bar, select Divide Face option. Ensure that you are in Modeling application and keeping the desired part as work part.
  2. Once the divide face window opens, select the face to divide. Use Single Face filter option if you want to select only one face. By default , all tangent faces will be selected.
  3. Now select the boundary curves that you have drawn already using sketch option.
  4. Select the projection direction. You can choose either  Normal to face or  Along vector  based on your requirement
  5. Press OK after seeing the preview. Now the face will be spitted into two based on the boundary curves .

Using Split Body feature :

You can divide a body into two just by using Split Body option. The procedure is similar to the divide face feature, but the resulting feature will be two bodies instead of two faces.
  1. Select Split Body option.
  2. In the Split Boy window, select the body to be split
  3. Select the boundary curves and choose the projection direction.
  4. You can change the projection direction based on your need.
  5. Once you are OK with the preview , select OK to complete the operation.