Monday, March 27, 2017

NX Assembly: Find a selected component in large assembly tree list

NX is one of the tool widely used by OEM to manage large assemblies as it can be well handled with PLM applications like Teamcenter.
When you are working with a large assembly structure which consists of more than hundreds of components, it is very difficult to find the name of the component in the assembly tree.

In such case, where you can find or spot out the component in the stage or screen, but you couldn't easily find out in the assembly navigator , then there is a special feature to do this operation.

Search Find a component in Assembly tree navigator
Finding a component in Assembly tree list in NX

To find the selected component in Assembly tree in NX:

  1. In the Filter list, select components
  2. Now , Load all the components in the assembly and ensure that they are visible in the screen
  3. Now , select the component that you want to know where it is located in the assembly tree
  4. After selecting the component, click Find in Navigator option
  5. Now, the component will be highlighted in blue in the assembly navigator.
  6. Even if the component is located at third level or fourth level sub assembly, this option will automatically expand that particular sub-assembly tree and highlight the component.