Thursday, January 26, 2017

To Remove wizzcaster window in windows 10 without any software

Wizzcaster window is nothing but a new tab or window will be opened in your default web browser like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, chrome or Opera every minute and redirect to website and some other advertisements.

Though this not a serious threat, it will be annoying for the user when some annoying windows is opened continuously.

To remove wizzcaster window from your Windows 10 :

  1. Update your windows defender and run a quick scan . In most cases windows defender will automatically find the wizzcaster  and notify to remove it
  2. Go to C:/ Program files and look for the folder name mpck.
    1.  If you open that folder, you can find three to four files , one which is exe file.
    2.  Right click the file and view properties In details tab , you can see the name wizzcaster.exe. 
    3. If you find such name, close the properties tab and shift delete the mpck folder.
  3. Similarly in Program files folder you can find other folders which is named with random letter around 10 digits like CHSFSAKKDS. If you open the folder and follow the same procedure as similar to step 2 you can find the wizzcaster files. Delete all the folders with that random lettered names .
  4. Now Open your Edge browser and delete all History along with cookies.
Here after you will not see wizzcaster  in your windows 10 OS unless you have execute an unknown application in the future.