BHIM Latest version released fixing previous Bugs and new Features


Post demonetization, BHIM app was released at the end of December to promote digital cash in India by Prime Minister .
The development team released 1st version of BHIM app with few bugs . After one month, on pre-Republic day the new version BHIM 1.2 is released with so many bug fixes and new features.

Whats new in BHIM 1.2

  • New Languages Supported: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu
  • Now we can disable upi address which contains mobile number, for enhancing privacy
  • Mobile registration retry through OTP / USSD
  • New Features:
    • Change SIM for dual-SIM phones
    • Restore forgotten passcode
    • Report issues to banks and view the status of resolution
    • Reverse a payment received
    • Send Feedback/improvements option is added in Menu