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Solved : Refund not credited for cancelled amazon order

If you have cancelled an order in amazon and did not receive the refund money in your bank account, then follow the below steps to get your money back.
  1. Note down the order number. You can get it in your amazon account by clicking My orders → Cancelled orders
  2. Chat with amazon customer care representative. Refer the picture for detailed instruction.
  3. The representative will check the status of the refund and provide your the refund reference number.
  4. Now, write an email or file a charge dispute complaint online from your bank's official online website. Don't forget to mention the refund reference number.
  5. If your bank don't have online option, you can use phone helpline or visit the branch.
  6. Usually this refund money might get struck at payment gateway.Using the refund reference number, the bank will credit your money in to your bank account.