Friday, January 13, 2017

Agricultural tips for Maximum Crop Yield for Pulses, Onion, Cocunut etc

Those who cultivated Small Onion

  • Seed treat small onion with bio-bactericide and bio-fungicide before cultivation.
  • Based on the moisture condition of the soil, irrigate at regular intervals to improve germination percentage of cultivated small onion.
  • To improve drought resistance in small onion crop, PPFM methylobacterium solution (200 m//200 lit of water) can be sprayed thrice at 20 days or 1 month intervals.
  • To control the bulb rot in small onion, onion growers are recommended to apply 1 kg of Trichoderma viride along with 100 kg farm yard manure.
  • Farmers are advised to dry the harvested small onions along with leaf sheaths on the field to reduce the moisture content for long term safe storage and also to prevent fungal infection.

Those who cultivated Pulses

  • Micro-nutrient application based on soil testing is inevitable in order to increase the crop yield of pulses.

Those who cultivated Plantain

  • Farmers who have cultivated plantain can do propping with Bamboo/Casuarina.

Groundnut Cultivation

  • Groundnut Crop at one month after cultivation can be given the crop booster Groundnut rich @ 2kg/acre along with the sticking agent during the morning and evening hours

Gingelly Cultivation

  • With the prevailing weather conditions, those farmers willing to cultivate Gingerly during these season can choose varieties viz' TMV-7 and SVPR-1 to get high yield.

Seed Hardening for all crops

  • Seed hardening with 1%  potassium chloride solution is recommended for all crops before sowing under rain fed condition.

The tips are provided by through Kisaan Program from Agromet Field unit, Agricultural Research Insititute, Namakkal