Wednesday, November 2, 2016

10 Important monsoon tips for bike drivers and Pedestrians to follow in Rainy season


Monsoon tips for all:

Use technology wisely. When you plan to go out for a trip or bike drive, check weather forecast using Google

Even though it is rainy season which don't makes you much thirsty, it is necessary to drink lots of water and consume Vitamin C rich fruits to boost your immunity.

Avoid street foods particularly during rainy seasons as much as possible.

While walking through streets always be aware of broken electric wires, drainage holes etc.

Monsoon tips for Bike drivers:

If you want some shade due to sudden rain while you driving on your bike, Do not stop your bike under a tree. Standing under a tree is always risky because the lightening will likely struck the tallest objects.

If the rain is heavy, don't continue driving. Better stop aside some street shops, petrol bunks and stand safe until the rain stops.

Turn on your head lights when the rain is medium to heavy to ensure visibility of the road.

Don't drive too close behind the heavy vehicles, because the water splashing from the tyres will divert your vision from road.

If the water is flowing across the road, always be careful and avoid crossing it.Because if the vehicle turned off in the middle, then the chances of sweeping off along with the water flow is high.

Try to drive at low gear and especially minimize the usage of clutch to slow down the vehicle if you are driving through water logged lanes. Always watch for brake lights in front vehicles.