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Steps to use locked Printing in Windows 7 - Rioch Printer

  1. Open the file you need to print
  2. Go to File → Print. Now the Print window appears
  3. Click on Printing preferences option
  4. In printing preferences window, look for Job Type option. Select Locked Print from the drop down list.
  5. Once you select Locked printing, a new option called Detailed Settings will appear
  6. Click Detailed settings and set an user id and four digit password and press OK
  7. Now give print. The file will be sent to printer.
  8. Now , in the printer touch screen, select Printer → Other functions → Enhanced locked printing.
  9. Your user id will appear. If not, tap on Refresh display.
  10. Now, tap on your user id and input the four digit password and Select Print option to get the printout.