Wednesday, September 14, 2016

JIO call Barring : Disable Call barring | JIO call barring default password

JIO call barring:

If you are hearing a computer voice that your outgoing calls are disabled, while trying to make a outgoing call, then there are two possibilities for the issue.

  • Your current plan is expired and you have to recharge your Jio number to resume your outgoing call facility
  • Unknowingly, you have enable call barring option. You have to disable it as said in this article.

JIO call barring enables the customer to block incoming or outgoing calls in JIO sim, which would be helpful in roaming situations to avoid unnecessary charges.

  1. If you want to cancel or block incoming calls to your Jio number, then Go to Call settings → Call Barring →  Enable the Option Reject all incoming calls.
  2. Similarly you can block Outgoing calls also for your Jio number.  You need to enter call barring password to change this settings. Default call barring password for Jio number is 1234.

JIO call barring default password

JIO call barring default password is 1234. If you have changed it , then use the new password. Do not try incorrect attempts which will result in sim lock.

To disable call barring in JIO:

  1. Tap on phone icon in your home screen.
  2. Now look for settings options. You can find in menu icon (three vertical dots).
  3. Now select call settings
  4. Now tap on SIM settings
  5. Select Call barring
  6. Now a list of options appears
  7. Select "Cancel all barring"
  8. Input the four digit default jio call barring password. 1234. If you changed it, you have to call jio customer care.
  9. Press ok.
All your incoming and outgoing call barring will be removed now.