Monday, September 12, 2016

Digilocker App Review : An wonderful idea , but has so many bugs

Digital locker is one of the best idea , that has so much potential to bring a huge impact in e-governance of the nation.

As said, Digital locker is just an idea. It has to be connected with any existing process so that people will at-least make an attempt to utilize the process.

  1. People are uploading the soft copies of the documents. But what next?
  2. How can one citizen make use of those documents ?
  3. How can he make his life easy with help of digilocker?

If the government waits for entire nation , to upload their documents in the system and then announces to make use of this document, then it won’t happen ever.
Rather, the government can select few process as a pilot - step that utilizes digilocker.
This is one of the FAQ given in Digilocker page,

As per this approach, an organisation should approach digilocker , to utilize the service. If they make a small change in this approach, the usage digilocker will spread like anything.

Instead of waiting for requests from organisations to get registered with digilocker, the government has to come forward and invite the organisations that are capable to utilize diglilocker.

  • To invite all engineering colleges in India, to issue the documents through digi-locker
  • To announce Transport departments of all states, to accept Driving license can be shown through digilocker app
  • To announce Railway department to consider , if the id proof is shown from Digilocker app, while the TTR came to show your proof.
  • To incorporate digi locker system , for mobile SIM card verification process.

imagesource: DigiLocker - Android Apps on Google Play

The above image shows that, the idea of using digilocker for license verification is already decided for implementation.
But, the app has been developed in a way that an user can not even signup properly because of OTP bug.

Even if somebody has managed to signup irrespective of these bugs, there is only one state (Delhi it seems) , where this idea is implemented.
If the government has come forward to encourage digilocker usage in all over the nation, then for sure digilocker will be a huge success.