Sunday, July 10, 2016

To remove / change favorite five number from Zain Sudan

Zain allows its customer to add favorite numbers, through which they can call to those favorite numbers in lower call rate.
The zain customer have to activate Hala package to avail this benefits. Up-to two numbers can be added as favorite numbers.

To remove favorite number in Zain :

  1. You can remove the existing number by updating the existing number with new one by sending an sms 1 00 <country code> <new number> and send to 712712 to remove first favorite number or 2 00 <country code> <new number> and send to 712712
  2. If you want to remove both number, you can also call zain customer care helpline and request to remove the favorite numbers from zain sudan, zain ksa or respective zain helpline number for your country