Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Skype: Ungroup the tabs seperately in Skype Business Office communicator- Lync

Are you the one who frequently sends message to the wrong people, in Skype business office communicator. Unlike Office communicator, its latest version called as Lync or Skype Business has a option called grouping the tabs of opened conversations. This grouping will most of the time leads to sending messages to wrong people in the list of opened tabs.

Un-grouping the tabs will prevent such mistakes of sending wrong messages to wrong people in the opened list of conversations in future.

To un-group all the opened conversations in separate tabs/windows in Skype Business :

  1. Go to settings or Click Gear icon in the Main window of Skype business
  2. In Settings (Options) window select IM category
  3. You can view a set of options in the right side of the window
  4. Now Un-check (Disable) the Option "Enable tabbed conversation)
  5. Select OK to save the settings.

Now, every conversation tabs you have opened will be shown as separate windows.