Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dish TV movie on demand sms codes | Dish TV MOD

In Dish TV, MOD (Movie on Demand) channels are allocated to telecast new bollywood movies. In order to watch the new movies telecasted under Movie on Demand channel, the user has to send an sms code to order and watch the movie.

To activate Movie on Demand Channel in Dish TV

  1. To activate Movie on Demand , channel 1 send an sms MOD <vc card number> <movie code> to 57575
  2. If you want to activate MOD channel 2, sens an sms MOD <vc card number> <movie code> to 57575
  3. Press MOD button in dish tv remote 2, to know the movie code for your desired movie in channel 250, channel 251

You should have sufficient balance in your Dish TV account. The cost of a movie will vary from 40 to 100 Rupees. To know the schedule, codes for the movie view the channels 250, 251 in your Dish TV