Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dish TV: Forgot PIN code for Parental Locked channels| To reset dish TV channel lock PIN number

Dish TV channels can be locked using parental lock option available in Dish TV remote 2. But if you forgot the four digit pin code, then you have to reset the PIN number to unlock the channel.

To unlock and reset Dish TV PIN code:

  1. Press Myaccount button in your Dish TV remote. MyAccount button can be found in the bottom right corner of the remote control.
  2. Several Options now appear on your TV screen. Now using navigate (right arrow) button, select Help
  3. Under help menu, select STB info using down arrow button
  4. Now select Setup option by pressing red button
  5. Now, an Installation menu opens
  6. Using down arrow button, select Restore Factory settings option
  7. Press OK (red button) to reset your PIN code
  8. A warning message will appear. Press OK button again.
  9. Now press Exit . (Yellow Button),
  10. Your Set top box will restart and EPG list will be updated and PIN code number will be reseted.