Friday, May 20, 2016

NX: To measure curve length in NX | Arc length measurement in NX

Length of a single curve or multiple curve segment can be easily measured in NX using measure tool.

Measure Curve length in NX

  1. Click Measure icon from tool bar   or Go to Menu → Analysis → Measure
  2. Now the measure window opens
  3. Choose Type as curve length in the drop down list
  4. Select the curve that you need to measure its curve length
  5. If there are two or more curves, the select all the curves to see the total curve length
  6. If you want to show the curve length as annotation, in results display choose Annotation as show Dimension. The color, size of annotation can be chosen manually by changing the settings in the same window.
To remove the curve length annotation display from screen, right click and select Refresh .