Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NX measure tool : To measure Distance, Radius, Diameter, Curve length in NX Siemens

In NX measure distance tool is used to calculate the distance between two objects, the length of the curves, radius of an arc, diameter of circular edge or cylindrical face etc

To measure distance in NX tool :

  1. You can find the Measure tool in tool barmeasure_nx to measure radius,diameter,distance,length of curve, command finder, Menu → Analysis → Measure distance
  2. After selecting the Measure tool option, select the type of measurement like distance, radius etc
  3. Then pick the start point of the measurement and end point of the measurement
  4. If you receive and warning, then uncheck the option Always exact and try again
  5. If you are not able to pick the curve, arc for radius measurement, then manually draw a three point arc over the existing arc to proceed with the measurement.