Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Excel : Compress Images, Restore cropped region of picture in Excel. Powerpoint , Reduce file size of image


Sometimes, while inserting pictures in Excel, Word and Powerpoint presentations, we may need to crop images using the crop tool.
But , do you know that the image can be reset and the cropped region of the picture can be seen .

How ?

Right click the image and select Size and properties
Now , you can see Reset button , under Size properties. Once you hit reset button, you will get the original image, before you cropped it.

If you don't want others to see this cropped region, then you can compress the picture as follows.


  • Double click the picture and in Format Tools, select compress picture option
  • Now, check Delete cropped areas of the picture option
  • And press OK

Now, if you try to reset the picture size, the cropped areas will not be visible.


  1. The overall file size can be reduced, as unwanted cropped regions are deleted from the images
  2. If you cropped any confidential information, then the reciever can easily see it uby resetting the picture. Compressing the images will avoid such unwanted issues