Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FAQ and Clarifications about NX modeling, Simulation, Drafting

How to import / open dat file in NX ?

.dat file usually contains FE models with mesh, load conditions and results.
To import dat file in NX, Go to File → Import → Simulation → Choose NX Nastran as solver → Browse the dat file → Select open

How to remove association between two views in NX drafting? 

  1. If you try to move a view in NX drafting, then the other views will also move sometime, because of auto association settings.
  2. To remove this association, right click the on the View Boundary
  3. Select View Alignment option
  4. Now In the View Alignment window, Expand List tab
  5. The alignments that are stored will be displayed in the list.
  6. Select all the alignments and delete them. (Using cross symbol nearby)
  7. In addition, uncheck Associative alignment option in Alignment tab.
  8. Now Press OK to save the settings.
  9. Now, you can move the view to any position without affecting other views. 

How to rename explosion in NX ?

Upto NX 9.0 , there is no option to rename explosion. So, once if you create an explosion it cannot be renamed.
The only alternate option is to copy the existing one with desired name, and deleting the old explosion.

How to Increase width of a line in NX

  1. Go to Menu → Preference → Visualization  → Select Line tab → Enable Show width
  2. Now right click the desired line and select edit display
  3. Increase the width from thin to medium or thick or custom
  4. Select OK

How to load fem file - when right click → Load option not working

  1. Go to Menu - Preference - Assembly load options - Click Show session folders
  2. Clik the folder where SIM, FEA file is stored in your PC
  3. Click OK
  4. Now, right click and load the fem files. It should load without error.

How to create a model View in NX ?

In the side tool bar, select part navigator. Now you can see a set of default model views like Front, top, ISO etc.
To create a new view with desired orientation, right click on the model view and select Add View
You can edit the orientation of model view whenever you need, but do not forget to save the latest orientation.