Sunday, October 25, 2015

Remove Monkey test virus and Time Service virus without Flashing the Android device

Monkey test virus removal tool android

What is Monkey test Virus?

Monkey test Virus is a critical virus for Android Smartphones which could be injected into your android device, without your knowledge.

How did the monkey test virus entered in my Android device?

You might have received a spam link in your Whatsapp or Facebook , like spin-wheel lucky-draw for iphone 6, Samsung s6 etc. When you entered the website it will download some apk files.
If you install that apk file manually into your android phone, then you got into their trap. They will install their monkey test malware program into the device.

How can I know that whether my device is affected by Monkey test Malware?

Go to Settings → Apps → Running Apps . Now scroll down the list and you can ensure whether an app with name Monkey test is running.

What would this Monkey test Virus do to my Android device?

Whenver you open an app and connect to internet, this app will automatically start running in the background and start to display ads in your device.
It may also send your phone data to some external server. So, obviously it will slow your device and make your phone to hang.

How to remove Monkey test virus from my device, without flashing my phone ?

  1. Download USB driver for your device
  2. Download rooting app for your android device model from .
  3. Install both program in your laptop.
  4. Open the rooting application , you have installed in your laptop as in step 2,3
  5. Connect your android device with laptop through USB port
  6. Click Root
  7. Once your Android phone is get rooted , you have rights to remove monkey test Virus
  8. Now Disconnect your phone from laptop, restart it
  9. Go to Google Playstore and Install Superuser app
  10. Restart the device
  11. Go to Google Playstore and Install 360 Security app
  12. Grant superuser access for 360 security app. It will prompt for access automatically once you installed 360 security app
  13. Now, scan for virus using 360 Security app
  14. The app will display Monkey test as Critical threat
  15. You can remove it using repair option.

You are done. You have removed the Monkey test Virus from my device.

How can I get away from such Virus in Future?

Do not download or install any apk files from unknown external sources. Use only Google play store to install applications.Stay Away from Spin wheel lucky draw advertisements in whatsapp, facebook. They are fake.