Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Android : To stop WAP Push Messages , Class 0 Messages from network operators in Android Smartphones

The mobile networks usally sends advertisement links through SMS called WAP Push Messages.
These WAP messages probably contains web links , which will deduce your talk time , if you unknowingly visit them.

To stop receiving such advertisement links contain wap push SMS, you can follow two methods.

Method 1→ For Android Smartphone users

  1. Go to Messages
  2. Tap on Menu Button. Usually left button in some phones and right in some phones.
  3. Now select Settings → General
  4. Scroll down and look for a section named Service message setting.
  5. Now Uncheck (remove tick mark) the option, "Enable Wap Push"

Here after you will not receive the advertisement sms from your mobile networks unless you change the settings back .

Method 2 → Do not disturb Registration

Some mobile networks allow do not disturb option . You can register DND (Do not Disturb) service , just by sending an sms. This procedure is followed in very few countries. You have to check with your mobile network.