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Digi Malaysia : Know PUK code | SIM Unlock | PIN code Reset

Guide to get or recover PUK code for Digicel SIM:

Entering 3 times PIN code wrongly will result in SIM lock and the phone will ask to enter PUK code.

Method 1 : Through Online :
  1. Go to Official website of Digi - Malaysia .
  2. Click MyOCS option. Register and Login with your mobile number or network id.
  3. Now, once you login , you can view your PUK information available in Account management page.

Method 2 : From SIM card holder
If you have the sim card holder, then you are lucky. You can find the PUK number for you Digi SIM card printed on your SIM card holder or SIM pack.
Either you can refer , if you have received any welcome mail at the time of buying new SIM card.

Method 3 : Through Helpline:
The last but best way is to contact the Digi helpline number 016-2211800 from any other Digi mobile or land line mobile , and request PUK number by providing your network ID and SIM number.
Currently Digi does not provide SMS, USSD option to retrieve PUK number .