Sunday, March 15, 2015

NX Unigraphics: To Clear / Delete History of component UG NX Modeling | Unigraphics

In UG NX modeling , Sometimes while working with free form surfacing or some experimental and trial design proposals we may not need history nodes for every features we create.
Even the lengthy history nodes will increase the size of the file unnecessarily and in turn affects the performance of the software.

So, at such times when we don't need to maintain proper history tree in UG NX Unigraphics we can work in history free mode. The illustrated methods is applicable in NX 7.5 , NX8, NX , NX 9.5 and above

There are two methods to remove history of a component in UG NX

Clear History using Remove Feature Parameters Option

  1. Open the Part Navigator section and select all the history nodes using Shift+select method.
  2. Go to Edit - Feature - Remove Parameters
  3. You will see a warning called "This operation removes parameters from all selected objects."
  4. Press OK
The parameters of selected history nodes only will be removed in this method.

Delete History of component using History free mode.

  1. In part navigator at the top of the list , you can see an option called History Mode .
  2. Right click on the History mode and enable History free mode. You can also select this option using command finder option.
  3. You can go back to History mode whenever you need. But the removed parameters cannot be get back.