Monday, December 1, 2014

US Cellular : PUK code Retrieval | PIN number reset to unlock SIM card

This article will help you to get the PUK code for your US cellular locked SIM card and reset your PIN number to make your mobile phone work again

Unfortunately,US cellular is not allowing the users to view the PUK code through online.If you want to generate PUK for US cellular , follow any one below method.

Remember that PUK code cannot be generated by any downloaded software. So be aware to avoid unnecessary blocking of your SIM card because of incorrect PUK code attempts.

>Get PUK code through Email

Go to official webpage of US cellular and Choose Email us option to request the PUK code for your locked SIM card. DO not forget to give the alternate contact number.

>Get PUK code through Helpline

From another US cellular mobile number, call to the customer care number  1-888-944-9400

   If you are calling US cellular customer care from other network or land line then use the following numbers  
  •  1-888-944-9400
US cellular puk code find sms online locked sim card

The customer care person will ask the SIM number printed on your SIM card which contains 8 to 15 numbers.

You have to tell the owner of the SIM card which is registered on the name while buying it.

Some other basic details to Confirm that you are the owner. If you manage to convince the customer care person, then they will provide the PUK code.

If you are using smartphones, try to avoid using PIN code password of SIM card .Better use some App locking application like Applock360 security .You can download them from Google play store for free of cost.

Every corporate organization is moving towards simplifying the process using technology. In future , US cellular may provide online option to retrieve PUK code.

Go on . Speak with the customer care person, Get your PUK code.

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