Friday, December 19, 2014

NX: Modeler error : Please report Fault in NX Unigraphics

Troubleshoot: NX: Modeler error : Please report Fault:

This is considered to be one of the worst error of UG NX 7.0 , UG NX 7.5 , UG NX 8.0

NX Modeler Error Please report Fault solution

The error can be experienced in following cases:
1.While working in Drafting module, you can get this modeler error if you are trying to create a base view
2.While trying to load components in assembly
3.While doing some Analysis operation like mass calculation, Inertia, CG calculation etc

Reason for this Modeler Error:
The error will appear only when some of the surfaces or solid, sheet bodies are not proper in a specific component


Here is the trouble shooting process:

1.First you have to spot out in which component, these corrupted surfaces exists. So, if you have a  big assembly consisting 10 parts , load 5 parts and make the operation (like creating a view, calculating mass etc). Then load remaining 5 parts. Now you can spot, which half has the corrupted surface. Among the half with error, eliminate another half. Finally you can find the corrupted part in this technique.

2.Inside the part you have to find the corrupted surface. This can be done by the same method said in step 1. In history tree, find out the corrupted face using the same method explained in step 1.

3. Finally you may delete that corrupted face and create a new one to avoid this modeler error.

You can also try model clean up options to rectify such small surfaces.

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