Friday, November 21, 2014

Find IMEI number | Track Stolen Phone

To find IMEI number :

What is IMEI number :
  • IMEI number is an unique number associated with every mobile phone. Recently a standard has been made that every phone manufacturer should incorporate IMEI number to every mobile phone pieces they manufacture.
  • IMEI is the abbrevation of  International Mobile Station Equipment Identity . In some countries , IMEI number is referred as IMED number.

How to find my IMEI number:
  • In your phone screen , type *#06#
  • Immediately your IMEI number will be displayed in your mobile screen. The IMEI number , in general consists of 9 to 15 digists unique number.
  • If you have dual SIM phone, two IMEI numbers will be displayed corresponding to each SIM card.

How to find IMEI for stolen Phone:
  • The only option is to find IMEI number printed on the BOX of the mobile phone.
 To find IMEI number
  • If you have already registered for any anti theft application, then you can contact them to retrieve your IMEI number for the stolen phone.

How to report theft for stole phone using IMEI number:

  • If you are in India, you can email to You have to mention your IMEI number, name, address, last SIM number etc in your email.
  • If you are outside India, you can approach some other service providers who track your theft phone for charges starting from 5$