Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lime PUK code Retrieval, PIN number reset for LIME sim card

Entering 3 times PIN code wrongly will result in SIM lock and the phone will ask to enter PUK code.
If you lost the welcome mail or LIME SIM card box, then you have to go for the below method.

Method 1 : From welcome mail :

The PUK code can be found in the welcome mail or SIM cover at the time of buying LIME sim card

Method 2 : Through Helpline:

There is no online PUK retrieval methods provided by LIME Mobile network to unlock the SIM card through toll free SMS or through online website.

So, the safest way is to contact the customer care of  LIME Mobile network and follow the simple Procedure to find your PUK code immediately.

Do not assume your PUK code and enter it wrongly. It will permanently block your SIM card and you have replace a new SIM card with additional cost.

Procedure to know LIME Mobile network SIM PUK code through HELPLINE :

1.You have to confirm your identity when you call the customer care to retrieve the PUK. So , remember the information that you have provided for proof at the time of buying SIM card.

2.Once you note down all the details, now Call the toll free customer care number 811 from another LIME mobile number . If you want to call from OTHER MOBILE  network or land-lines to LIME Mobile network customer care,refer the below list and select number for your country /region.

I suggest to call from other LIME number itself, because other network costs call
charges for the LIME helpline number.

3.Listen the computer voice carefully and wait till the option for speaking to customer care is announced.
4.Press the number to speak with customer care person
5.Just tell the I want to unlock my PUK code , they will ask the details in step 1
6.Immediately they will provide the PUK number of your SIM card
7.Note it down correctly and end the call
8.Now enter the PUK in your locked SIM card to unblock it.
9.Now reset the PIN code with a new four digit PIN code.

For safety purpose, note that PUK code somewhere safely to avoid stressful situation in future.

As an advice, do not enable PIN code as security lock, to avoid such critical situations. Instead you can use smartphone locking apps like Applock, Smartlock etc.

And do not trust / try any PUK unlocking , PUK generating software for LIME SIM card, because the mobile network only will have your PUK code and you can get it for free from LIME.