Wednesday, October 29, 2014

XL Axiata: Get PUK code & Reset PIN through online or SMS

Guide to get or recover PUK code for XL Axiata SIM:

Entering 3 times wrong PIN code will result in SIM block and request PUK code.
If you got PUK code number issue, you can solve using this procedure.

There are three official methods provided by XL Axiata Mobile network to get PUK code for the locked SIM card through toll free SMS or through online website.
You can follow any one of the method to know your PUK code to reset your PIN number and unlock your blocked SIM.

Do not assume your PUK code and enter it wrongly. It will permanently block your SIM card and you have replace a new SIM card with additional cost of around 200 Rupees.

Procedure to know  XL Axiata Mobile network SIM PUK code :

Method 1 : (Through USSD code)
1.      Dial *123# from your mobile (It will work only if the SIM is in active state. If it is already blocked then try another method)
2.      Select MY INFO
3.      Now choose number corresponding to INFO LAYAAN
4.      Select CEK PROFILE
5.      Select PUK
6.      Give necessary Information requested to display the PUK code
7.      Note it down for future use , so that you can use it when your phone SIM gets locked.

Method 2: (Through IVR Option)
1.      From any XL Axiata SIM , dial toll free number 818
2.      A computer voice will tell list of options
3.      Choose PUK
4.      Proceed with the following instructions said by computer voice and note down your PUK number
5.      Enter it in your locked SIM card mobile
6.      Reset your PIN number to unlock your mobile phone.

Method 3 : (Through Customer care Helpline)
1.      Dial 817 from any XL Axiata mobile phone
2.      Listen the computer voice carefully and wait till the option for speaking to customer care is announced.
3.      Press the number to speak with customer care person
4.      Just tell that I want to unlock my PUK code , they will ask the details in step 1
5.      Immediately they will provide the PUK number of your SIM card
6.      Note it down correctly and end the call
7.      Now enter the PUK in your locked SIM card to unblock it.
For safety purpose, note that PUK code somewhere safely to avoid stressful situation in future.