Thursday, October 9, 2014

Etisalat : Retrieve PUK code & Reset PIN number for locked SIM card

Every mobile network secure their SIM cards with a security code called PUK code.

If you enter the PIN number incorrectly for 3 times in your Etisalat mobile number, then the SIM will be locked and would ask for PUK code to unlock the SIM and to reset the PIN code.

If PUK code also entered wrongly for certain attempts, the SIM will be deactivated and user have to request new SIM card from Etisalat.

If your Etisalat SIM card is locked and asks for PUK code, then you can retrieve it using the following options.

From SIM card box
Yes. You are lucky, if you still keep your SIM card box in your table cupboard. You can find the PUK code information in the SIM card box itself.
If you scrapped or lost the box, just move for next method

Through Online
Go to official website of Etisalat UAE, log in my account page with your mobile number. But you may receive OTP to your mobile number. So, this method works for only active SIM card and doesn’t works for locked SIM card

Helpline from Etisalat mobile number
Call helpline number 500 (toll free – free of cost) of Etisalat from any other Etisalat number, speak with the customer care person and get your PUK code. He may asks for the SIM number, mobile number and some basic information about you to verify for security reasons.

Helpline from other mobile number or landline
If you need to call from other mobile network like DU, Warid telecom, Telco mobile number or land line phone, then dial 0111234500 and speak to the helpline person to retrieve your PUK code

Once you got the PUK code, note it down in a safe permanent place , enter it in the locked SIM card , reset your PIN code .Your phone will be unlocked now.

To avoid such PIN code lock issue, don’t use PIN number as screen lock code here after. Use some app like Applock , 360 security to lock your phone.