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Reliance :Get PUK code & Reset PIN through online or SMS for locked SIM card

It is very usual phenomenon to get or recover PUK code request in Reliance locked SIM card.
Entering 3 times wrong PIN code will result in SIM block and request PUK code.

If you got PUK code number issue, you can solve using this procedure.

There is no official methods provided by Reliance Mobile network to get PUK code for the locked SIM card through toll free SMS or through online website.

So, the safest way is to contact the customer care of  Reliance Mobile network and follow the simple Procedure to find your PUK code immediately.

Do not assume your PUK code and enter it wrongly. It will permanently block your SIM card and you have to replace a new SIM card with an additional cost of around 200 Rupees.This SIM replacement can be done at any Reliance show room.

Procedure to know  Reliance Mobile network SIM PUK code :

1.Note the following details in a piece of paper. The customer care person will ask you these details to confirm your details to give the PUK number.
·         16 to 19 digit SIM number which is printed in the back of your  Reliance Mobile network SIM card
·         Your mobile number
·         Your Name in address proof given to them
·         Your Address which is given at the time of buying the SIM card

2.Once you note down all the details, now Call the toll free customer care number 121 or 198 from another Reliance mobile number . If you want to call from OTHER MOBILE  network or landlines to  Reliance Mobile network customer care,refer the below list and select number

Both Post Paid and Prepaid : (Your city code) 30333333   ex:Chennai : 044 30333333
For Jammu Kashmir: 9018090180

I suggest to call from other Reliance number itself, because other network costs STD
charges for the reliance helpline number.

3.Listen the computer voice carefully and wait till the option for speaking to customer care is announced.
4.Press the number to speak with customer care person
5.Just tell the I want to unlock my PUK code , they will ask the details in step 1
6.Immediately they will provide the PUK number of your SIM card
7.Note it down correctly and end the call
8.Now enter the PUK in your locked SIM card to unblock it.

For safety purpose, note that PUK code somewhere safely to avoid stressful situation in future.