Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Smart Phone Battery Tips to avoid Bulging due to Over charging and Heating

This article is just to create an awareness among Smartphone users those who leave the phone plugged with charger for overnight.

If you have a high branded mobile phone with additional circuits that prevent over charging then dont worry. But if the phone doesn't have such advanced relay circuits, then it is our responsibility to take care of the phone battery and hence our self from unexpected accidents due to battery explosion.

Here is my experience with one of such mobile.

XOLO Q700 was a big success in the low cost mobile phone at the time of its launch. Because XOLO offered 2400mAh battery and its 1 GB RAM with its quad core processor and 5 MP Primary camera and a basic secondary front camera at a price of just 8000 Rupees.

Everything was fine until six months.

After six months, the 3.7 V huge XOLO battery started to bulge for so many users including me.
As they provide only 6 months warranty for accessories , they could not able to claim battery warranty also.

There is problem from both sides, the manufacturer as well as the users.

The manufacturer should have been provided some holes for the battery ventilation , so that over heating might be avoided at the time of charging and discharging.  Users should also take care the duration of charging the Phone.

>Tips to Prevent Lithium Ion Battery Bulging

From the Users side, we should be careful in following points to avoid Battery Bulging of the Smartphone Battery.

1.Avoid Overnight Charging the phone. It may result it overheating resulting in Bulging of the Battery.

2.Enable Power management Application, so that you will get some extra life for your battery.

3.Use only the phone charger at anytime. Avoid other chargers, and strictly avoid USB charging.

4.Avoid watching videos,playing games and browsing internet at the time of Charging.

5.Do not use thick cases.Already there is no enough ventilation for battery for so many mobile models.

6.Monthly once remove your back panel and check your battery is in Normal shape. Because I was shocked to notice my battery bulged which I forgot to notice at initial stage.

7.If you observe heat on the back panel frequently, then you should be more careful in using your phone.

>Where can I Buy New XOLO Battery online

Anyway , you got your battery bulged. There is no ailment to unbulge the battery.

People may say, to keep it in a cool place like freezer to bring back to the original position. But don't do this.
It may result in explosion.

You can buy a new XOLO Q700 3.7 V battery in ebay. I bought it from there and working very fine. Now i am really taking care to avoid over charging,

The price for the battery will be around 700 Rupees including shipping.

New XOLO q700 battery price online ebay  New XOLO q700 battery price online ebay

>Online Store Location

You can get replacement batteries through ebay for all models.

Premium Quality Battery For LAVA XOLO Q700 2400 mAh.

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