Monday, June 30, 2014

Safely unlock / Reset XOLO Q700 , A500s Android phone after wrong pattern attempts

Most of the Android Smart Phones Including XOLO Q700, A500s will get locked if you draw wrong password pattern for many times continuously.

For XOLO Q700, A500S , to unlock your phone after maximum incorrect attempts, you have to perform the following operations to hard reset XOLO q700 and A500S

Step 1: Switch off your XOLO A500s or Q700 Phone either by power button or By removing Battery.
Step 2: Remove the memory card from the phone. This is to keep safe the data in memory card.
Step 3: Insert the battery again
Step 4: Now Press Volume UP button and Power Button at the same time , for 10 seconds
Step 5: A blue screen will Displayed with some options.
Step 6: Using Volume Buttons , highlight the option Factory Reset
Step 7: Press Power Button to Confirm the Operation

Now your phone will be restarted and Reset to the Initial condition when you bought the phone.
Every data will be erased including Apps, files, songs that were stored in the phone storage memory.

You can insert your memory card now and view the memory card data.

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