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TNEB:Register and Pay bill online with debit card or internet banking

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3.Completing the registration for TNEB online Bill payment.

TNEB online bil payment bank internet net banking

  1. You have to fill the red highlighted fields compulsorily. First name is your name. It is not necessary that it should be the owner of EB service.
  2. Give a valid email ID where the confirmation link will be sent. 
  3. User name should be unique and simple. Remember your username always.
  4. Password can be any secret word.
  5. In residential Address fill in your address , pin code, State and Country. It is just a formality address.
  6. Type the word in the Captcha image and complete the registration.

Now you can log in in the link that i have provided in previous page and view and pay your TNEB bill through online itself using your debit card or Net banking.

Some Net banking does not charge any additional commission fee for bill payment. So choose that bank for paying tneb bill so that you can save some 1% to 2% of your bill money.

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