Friday, July 18, 2014

TNEB: How to Raise a complaint through online website portal

Now Tamil Nadu Electric Board allows the people to raise any complaint related to your EB service meter like

  • Excess EB billing complaint, 
  • EB bill not availbale complaint
  • Complaint for wrong meter reading
  • Complaint for EB meter struck up
  • Complaint related to EB meter forward creeping
  • Complaint for EB meter no display
  • Complaint for EB meter running fast
  • Complaint for EB meter dial jump
  • Complaint for new replacement for damaged EB meter
  • Complaint online for Power Supply cut for total area,one phase,two phase or individual
  • Complaint for Voltage high and Voltage low problem
  • Complaint for EB voltage Flucutations

In addition to these EB related general complaints you can also complaint about the Payment related complaints like
  • EB bill refund issue
  • EB bill double payment issue
  • EB bill receipt not generated
  • TNEB not able to login complaint

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