Thursday, June 26, 2014

Aircel:Hear New Movie songs and set , Deactivate Dialer Tunes Online For Free

Now it is very easy to set Caller Tunes for your Aircel number in online without any additional cost of using Aircel caller tune codes.

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You can hear New Latest movie songs in all language including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali etc for free and choose your desired song or theme music as Hello Tune.

Follow the steps to Set the Caller Tune in Aircel: 

+ STEP 1
+ STEP 2

Now you are in the Aircel dialer tune page. In the right side of the webpage you can see the search option for songs.

Aircel dialer tune search box

+ STEP 3

Select your language, select the album or song type,the search for keyword. For example Dhoom.

Aircel dialer tune song list sample Dhoom movie

+ STEP 4

Now a set of songs related to Dhoom movie will be displayed.
Before setting the song you can hear it by just pressing the green colored play button.

+ STEP 5
If you like it, then you can press set option.
After you press set button, a small window will ask for your phone number to get password.

Aircel dialer tune register online to change easily

+ STEP 6

  • Enter your phone number and press Get password button
  • Now a password will be sent immediately to your mobile number.
  • Enter it back and press login. You will be asked to confirm the dialer tune.

+ STEP 7

After that dialer tune will be set to your mobile number. Monthly cost is applicable and You can change the dialer tune in a similar way as i explained so far.

For changing the dialer tune, it costs three rupees and for hearing songs online, it is free.

To Deactivate Caller tunes in Aircel for free

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