Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to transfer apps and games between android smartphones as apk file

In windows based phones and computers, We can download .exe setup files of an application or game and then install it into our devices.
Here, exe files remain as a backup even after installation.

But in android OS , if we get any application from Google play store, it will temporarily save as apk file and delete it automatically after installation.
So, it make difficult for the users to transfer the application offline via Bluetooth or any other sharing method.

But still you can transfer the apps and games among your beloved friends mobile phones.

For that you have to install an app called App-sharer. You can get it from Google play store.
After installing the application , open it.

It will show all the apps and games installed in your android smartphone including the system based apps.

Just you can choose what are all the apps and games you want to back up. Now choose an app and  tap on backup.

Now apk files are created and the location where it is stored will be notified for a short duration in your screen,
These apk files are similar to the exe files of windows OS.

Open the file location through your android file browser. Now you can transfer this apk file to your friends smartphone.

If he open the files, it will ask to install it manually. Just by pressing Instal , the app will be installed in his smart phone.

You can save lot of internet bandwidth if you transfer such huge apps from your friends smart phone.

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