Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Find PUK code & Reset Forgotten PIN number by SMS or recover through Online

PUK (PIN Unlocking Key) is an unique number for every mobile SIM card , set by every mobile network to protect the privacy, security of their costumers in case of any misuse.

When the PIN code is entered three times wrongly, then entering PIN code will be locked and the phone software will request to enter the PUK code.
The default pin code for most SIM card is 1234

When you entered the PUK code also wrongly for 10 times, then you have to take your Phone to the customer care center to unlock and recover it.

So, better stop entering wrong PIN code to avoid requesting PUK code.

Some networks allow you to retrieve PUK through SMS or Online, and this works mostly when your SIM is in active status. Because they will send an OTP to very your mobile number.

And do not believe any software that generate PUK code online or offline. You need to get them in original website of your mobile network provider. Otherwise you should contact your network Provider to get the PUK code.

Choose your country , mobile network to see the  PUK number retrieval procedure.


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