Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to zoom in on firefox , chrome and internet explorer browsers

To increase or adjust the font size of internet browsers  ,the options, zoom in and zoom out the webpage is used and it is common in all your internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox,Google chrome and in Microsoft internet explorer.

There are three ways that you can do this zoom in and zoom out operation in desktop versions. For mobile smartphones, you can just move two fingers away to zoom in and converge the fingers to zoom out.

Method 1 : Using Keyboard Shortcut

You can simply use the keyboard short cuts to magnify your webpage size.

Just press CTRL key and + key at the same time to zoom in your webpage. If it is not sufficient , repeat the process again.

Now to zoom out , you can press CTRL key and - Key at the same time. You can repeat your process for further zooming out your web page size.

Method 2: Using your mouse to zoom

It is even easy to use your mouse to zooming in and zooming out the internet web browsers.

Press the CTRL key and scroll your middle mouse ball upwards to zoom out and scroll downwards to zoom out. Keep in mind that you have to press CTRL key in addition to scroll your middle mouse button(Scroll button)

Method 3: Through menu options

If you need consciousness that how much percentage you are zooming out and zooming in , you can use this option.

In menu bar of your internet browser , Go to VIEW -->  ZOOM --> Adjust the percentage in zoom bar

You can choose which way is convenient to you.