Thursday, February 7, 2013

SETC TNSTC.IN - Online bus ticket booking website of TamilNadu Government

Almost everybody knows that website is an absolute replica of Karnataka government bus ticket booking website But the thing to notice is ksrtc website is upgraded with so many new features and have an excellent maintenance , but tnstc website has so many issues .

I am writing this review , keeping in mind that this article should be useful to both the e-ticket booking users and tnstc government officials who may view it by chance.

There is no doubt that introduction of this website is a boon for the Tamil Nadu passengers.The system has more number of drawbacks than its advantages.

Advantages :

1.Simple signup process and you can sign up with in a minute and log in tnstc anytime using that id you can simply book SETC online.

2.Both mobile and desktop version are available , so you can access anywhere through your mobile phones also.

3.All the necessary features like booking history, m-ticket sms, bill desk paying are available. Note that conductors will not accept m-ticket.

4.You can book the tickets 60 days before the journey.This option will not be available in private bus ticket booking. Usually they will allow you to book before 14 days as maximum.

5.For Chennai travelers from their native towns, tnstc is a boon . Because during return journey in SETC , you can use this option to avoid rush at reservation ticket counters and no need of filling any SETC reservation form


1.If you book the ticket through mobile website, be aware that not to give print out through mobile website. Because there is a bug that route no of the bus will not be available in the print and you will be suffered when conductor asks you the trip code.

2.As like we were experiencing the very slow service in irctc website during peak hours some days back, tnstc will be also very slow during high traffic at festival seasons like Pongal and Diwali ticket booking date.

3.Commission for the ticket booking is too much. Rs 15 INR as reservation fee and Rs 10 INR will be charged as e-ticket fee. Totally 25 rupees will be charged as commission fee.

4.Cancellation fee is also very high.

5.Here is the important drawback. For ordinary government buses, the seat number provided in the website will not be the same as in the bus. So don't hope that you will get window seat or 2 seater as you booked in the website. I advice to take a screen shot of the seating arrangement and show it at the time of journey so you may get the correct seat that you have  booked,if  the conductor is  a friendly person.

SETC TNSTC customer care complaint number:

For payment related queries like refund amount for failed transaction , note your transaction number and register a complaint by calling the phone number 044 30986319

Bill desk helpdesk or Bank help desk person will attend the call and solve your problem.

For general complaint, call the toll free number 1800 419 4287
Computer voice will redirect you to the corresponding person based on your complaint category.

If you want to send complaint through email , then use the following mail ids.
For tnstc refund, bank and billdesk related complaints -
For Other complaints :

Ways to Improve:

I am writing this to the tnstc website managers, so that it will be helpful to make the process improved.

1.Please make a standard seating arrangement number in all the buses so that we can avoid seating arrangement confusion.

2.Please maintain an effective suggestion/feedback action team and try to keep on improving the website. Within 2 to 3 months we may get an excellent service if we take action on passengers suggestion.

3.Please visit ksrtc website and other online bus ticket  booking website and implement the additional features in this website. Please be noticed that website is so much advanced when compared to

4.Please conduct some awareness program to conductors about online booking, because many of the conductors having so many doubts in online booking program.Allow SMS ticket as proof, so that we can save some paper.

5.Please introduce online booking to medium towns also. In some towns , SETC online booking is available but not for ordinary bus.