Monday, February 11, 2013

Dark - Application to turn off laptop monitor - A review

Dark.exe - The most popular application to turnoff the monitor display. I think this short review of the application may be helpful for those who try to switch of the laptop monitor very offten.

You can download the software in the official website or you can google to find another link.

The advantage of this software is you can turn of the monitor by a single click the dark application tray icon.And when you press any key are move your mouse , your monitor display will resume back.

Here is the drawback of the software , reported often and experienced often. When you turn off the display using this application and after sometime at the time of pressing any key or moving your mouse, the display will not resume back and the only solution is you have to turn off and restart it again.

This problem is reported often by the consumers of this application, the future versions of this application may resolve this issue .

But if you want to turn off the laptop display manually, then dark application is the best option. Save battery ,save power using this simple application.

Dark is an freeware application .