Saturday, January 26, 2013

SwagBucks Legit or Scam | Active Swag codes | Swagbucks Payment Proof is one of the most genuine and trust worthy website that I have ever used. You can earn in this website for just playing games and doing web search. The points you gained for doing such activities can be redeemed as Paypal  cash, amazon gift card, and many gift cards.

Let me review about this website little more in detail. You can do following activities in to earn money.
You can earn points for doing all the tasks. I will explain how and how much you can earn through these activities.

Searching the web

You can earn points for doing web search using their search engine. Swagbucks Search engine can be made available by using their simple toolbar or ready-made available in their website.

Playing Games

You can win points for playing simple flash games available in this website. They have a collection of superb flash games and this will be very fun way to earn points.

Answering Daily Poll Question

This task is very simple. You can just answer one simple poll question that will be released daily.

Attending Daily Surveys

Surveys will be released daily and you can earn points for attending the survey. The points will be credited depending upon the length of the survey.

Viewing Swag Bucks TV

You can also earn points for just watching 2 minutes videos that are available in their SBTV website. You will be credited points for as many videos you watched.

Referring your friends

You can gain points through referring your friends. If they earned points for searching the same points will be credited in your account also. It is one of the salient feature in this program.

Doing simple online tasks

If you have enough extra time , you can earn more from this feature.Thousands of simple online tasks are available in this website through which you can add more points.

Attending Special offers

Many simple offers like signing up in interested websites are provided and doing such activities also add points in your account

Using their toolbar

You can just instal their simple toolbar in your web browser as add on and earn points for just installing it and using it.

Viewing NOSO

You will be awarded points for just viewing the special offer page daily. If you participate in the offers , you can earn more .

Active Swagcodes 

Last but not least. Daily they are releasing swag codes in their Facebook page , twitter page and in their website blog. You can type that codes in a box provided in their website and points will be credited instantly.

Payment Proof :

I know you are thinking about payment proof . I assure that it is a genuine paying website and if you redeem via Paypal cash , cash will be credited within 3 to 4 days in your Paypal account.

Below is some of my recent payments Received Via Paypal and other Gift card vouchers.

Swagbucks Paypal Payment Proof

You can also redeem your points as amazon gift cards and many other rewards also available in their reward store.

In addition to this plenty of options there are sweepstakes and hourly random winner will be announced.The hourly random winner earn 1000 points.

You can experience the program at