Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ipanelonline : Fake or Real - Review : Genuine paying online survey websites has been one of the most genuine website in two aspects .One aspect is making the payment to the consumer at correct mentioned time. Second main aspect is providing surveys regularly.

Ipanelonline is available in 21 different countries. It has been grown as a trusted paying website. Let us see some salient features in detail.
So-many users posted their payment proof they received through PayPal cash.

Expand the following list to know more about the scheme.

>>Points scheme:

The member will be awarded points depending on the length of the survey. One point is equal to 1 INR.

As far i have seen , surveys with points of minimum 50 points and maximum 200 points are regularly available in the website.

Beyond from this you can gain a daily point for log-in. This means that you can earn maximum 365 points for simply log-in the website.

And there is a space for typing your opinions. These opinions can also add points in your account . One point will be provided for daily opinions. In this opinion section you can say any opinion or you can say good morning or you can tell your daily mood.

Ipanel complaints can also be done in their own website inquiry portal.Within 2 to 3 days, I used to get actions for my complaint
>>Payment option:

You can receive payment once you have gained 200 points. 200 points is equal to 200 INR. Payment is paid to your paypal account within 5 or 6 business days.

 If you want to get paid by check you can select that option too.

If you want PayPal surveys for money,then I panel is the best legit site to choose.

Moreover if you want to receive as awards, some exciting rewards like ipod, laptop, canon video camera etc are available.

For these rewards you need to earn points and store there for some months and you can redeem them as these rewards as your desired prize.

Payment cash available at the nominations vary from 200 INR,500 INR and 1000 INR.
You can trust the website and use  it regularly and earn some income regularly that will be helpful for your pocket money.

>>PayPal Payment Proof Screenshot

Paypal Proof In.ipanelonline